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Seven - MU Project

Seven started his career in the styling industry in 2001. He entered Procter & Gamble in 2005, being the make-up trainer of Max Factor China. The talented make-up artist then shined brightly in 2006. He won the Fashion Star Award of Aupre and gained his fame at the China International Fashion Week by winning the championship of the make-up styling contest. His reputation, skills and experiences accordingly enable him to get various opportunities to work with international brands and celebrities.

Seven is a patient and creative artist who can create impressive looks according to the characteristics of different individuals and creative directions. His eye make-up skill is specially refined, making everyone to focus on the model’s or the celebrity’s face straight away. Moreover, he can always use the right colors for the lip, matching the eyes and the lip perfectly.

Seven has worked a wide range of publications, including: Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Eaquire, Elle, L’Officie, Marie Claire, Men’s Uno, Self, Vogue, Fashion Weekly, iWeekly, Rayli, TrendsHealth etc.

He has also worked with various celebrities such as Huang Xiao Ming, Liu Ye, Hu Jun, Jiang Wen, Fann Woon Fong, Chris Lee, Eva Huang and Lynn Hung, helping the stars to express their charm in different events and publications.

Seven 从2001年开始他的造型事业, 他在2005年加入保洁,成为蜜丝佛陀中国区的彩妆导师。这位天才化妆师在2006年大放异彩,他赢得了欧珀莱时尚明星奖,之后又在中国国际时装周上斩获化妆造型大奖,从而赢得声誉。他良好的名誉、技术以及经验,使他获得了很多国际品牌和名人的亲睐。