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With ten years experience in the advertising industry, Rufina has worked in London and Australia for some of the world’s top agencies, including three years as Mario Testino’s in-house retoucher. Rufina provided high-end digital retouching services on many prestigious international brands and campaigns for clients such as Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Dior, Lane Crawford, Versace, Burberry and Shiseido.
Voted top five Australia’s Best Retoucher by industry professionals in Capture photography magazine, she has an extensive understanding of photography, lighting and perspective, and a unique sensitivity for colour and tone. Rufina has a specialist ability for multi-image compositing, and an in-depth technical knowledge of Photoshop, She achieves exceptional results in any advertising medium including beauty, fashion, food, automotive and architecture.
Rufina has a degree in Advertising Photography from RMIT University

Rufina在广告领域已有十年的工作经验,她在伦敦和澳大利亚的世界顶级公司工作过,其中包括在Mario Testino工作室任职修图师达三年。Rufina为许多世界顶级品牌和广告活动提供高端的数码修图服务,包括杜嘉班纳、古驰、迪奥、连卡佛、范思哲、博柏利和资生堂。
被行业内资深摄影杂志Capture 选为澳大利亚最优秀的五位修图师之一,她有着对摄影、灯光和构图视角广泛的理解,同时对颜色和调性有自己独特的敏感力。Rufina有专业的多重影像合成能力,同时也掌握深入的Photoshop技术知识,她在任何广告媒介中都可以达成惊人的效果,包括美容、时尚、饮食、汽车、建筑。