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John S

global artist management

With a strong background in character animation, John currently works in animating and compositing commercials. He’s had the opportunities of working with great studios in the United States, such as Imaginary Forces, Eyeball, Brand New School, Panda Panther, and Motion Theory.

John is always fully immersed in the animation process, supervising shots as they’re made. He has worked on commercials, music videos, televisions shows, short films, and much, much more.

MFAA 合成師和動畫師約翰來自紐約。

約翰特別轉長以動畫和合成技術製作廣告,在紐約 uvphactory 當監督合成師四年。後來約翰與許多大型工作室合作,如 Imaginary Forces, Eyeball, Brand New School, 和 Panda Panther。