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Hans is from Lima, Peru. He graduated from law school and moved to New York City, where he studied fashion photography at the International Center for Photography. Hans started assisting Cedric Buchet, David Eustace, Vincent Laforet and Max Farago and shooting for clients like Macy’s and Conde Nast. In 2008, he met fellow Peruvian photographer, Mario Testino, who had a major influence on him, and they worked together for 2 years before Hans went out on his own. With film style framing, setting, and performance, Hans’ photos are full of emotions. Viewers feel as if they were watching the beautiful frames taken from a film noir.

Hans(汉斯 ·诺伊曼)来自秘鲁首都利马。他从法学院毕业后搬到了纽约,在国际摄影中心学习时尚摄影。此后,Hans开始协助Cedric Buchet,David Eustace,Vincent Laforet,以及Max Farago,为梅西百货公司和康泰纳仕集团等客户摄影。2008年,他遇到秘鲁摄影师 Mario Testino(马里奥·特斯蒂诺),并深受其影响,在Hans自立门户前他们共事了两年。充满电影感的镜头,布景,和表演令Hans的作品饱含情绪,观者仿佛欣赏的是Film Noir(黑色电影)里的一帧帧精美镜头。